Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that residential heating and air units can be the cause for unhealthy indoors? The performance of your heating/cooling equipment mainly depends on the way it has been installed. Home air comfort systems need proper installation, and proper installation calls for education, expertise, and experience. The technicians who install the systems need to be well-versed in heating and cooling technology, plumbing, and electrical activities. You need to hire a contractor who knows his job well, if not you will end up not only with system problems, but high energy bills and poor indoor air quality too.

The bad smell caused by dry fresh air may cause many serious health complications. The cause of bad smell in houses or offices is improper ventilation system. Taking care of ventilation system will result in healthy and fresh air inside the home.

It ‘s nice to have indoor air quality monitor installed in houses and offices to check the quality of inside air. Sometimes, rotten food, newly bought carpet or recently coated paint causes the bad smell in the house. Having a proper ventilation system in place will push the old and hot air outside and influx fresh air inside.

HVAC home new indoor air ventilation system monitor not only makes households and offices comfortable but it also improves the health of denizens indoor air quality economizer works, this article will provide you an easy understanding of the topic. The indoor air economizer works in below-mentioned three ways:

It works as an auxiliary system that can be added to a new or existing forced HVAC system. Indoor air quality economizer offers controlled and dedicated new air pathway into a home’s existing ductwork system.
As air economizer employs the same ductwork system, IAQ Economizer delivers the same air volume as you normally get in cooling mode. Air economizer influxes air from the outdoors into a home and it pushes the old air outside.

Economizer reduces the load placed on HVAC system.
It depends on the configuration of Air economizer when it has to deliver to the fresh air from outside into houses or offices. The damper box of the system can be configured to allow bypass air that is always influx into a home. You can add mechanical pass in the colder climate for a large volume of air to be introduced. The air economizer can also be configured to 100% influx of outdoor fresh air. Most of the indoor air quality economizer can be used with other products as well.

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